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Combining Enterprise Architecture and Service-Oriented Architecture

Expertise in EA and SOA

Web Services Boutique is specialized in defining Enterprise Architectures and SOA-enabling IT, all in support of business needs. We help you be more reactive to new business requirements through aligning business and IT. We help rationalize your application landscape, emphasize cross-cutting features in the Enterprise, purify the information flow, build or refactor for integration, and design for end-to-end application availability and robustness.

We provide services in defining Enterprise Architectures, including the federated approach, scope and key architecture elements. We also help you understand the target application landscape within your Enterprise and business domain. We help you derive the main application interfaces, information flow and technical components to focus on. We lead you end-to-end from definition to implementation.

We have worked with Enterprise Architecture frameworks such as TOGAF and are expert in SOA principles and in building loosely-coupled systems.

The Team

Laurence Melloul, Principal and Founder, has more than 15 years of experience in building Internet applications. Since she has started Web Services Boutique LLC, Laurence has been doing customer-facing consulting in EA and SOA for large organizations, such as international organizations and investment banks. Prior to being an independent consultant, Laurence was a Program Manager for the .Net Framework at Microsoft (Windows Communication Foundation) and obtained a patent on causality of events in distributed systems (assigned to MS). Before joining Microsoft, Laurence conducted research on Web service composition and application robustness at Stanford University, and published in the field. Laurence was initially a developer, still codes, and is familiar with both Linux (Java/C++/Scheme) and Windows (C#) environments. You may refer to her blog for practical points on SOA.

Laurence Melloul holds a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Paris-Dauphine in France, a Master's in Computer Science from Stanford University, and was a Doctoral Candidate in the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science at Stanford.


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